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20% rate increase for tree planters in Okanagan.

20% Rate Increase for Planters!

Quastuco Silviculture Ltd. has been in business since 1991. 

Our name stands for Quality Student Company.

It’s our goal to employ university students so they can make enough money tree planting that they do not need to rely on student loans.

We plant approximately 2.7 million seedlings per year.

We have had two main clients over the past 25 years; they are Weyerhaeuser Company and Gorman Bros Lumber Ltd.

Our operating area extends from the 49th parallel to just north of Kelowna and from Princeton to Penticton.

Our strategy statement is ‘Quality in every step’ and our safety strategy is ‘Nothing we do is worth getting hurt over’. We take these two statements seriously.


For more information on our company, what we offer, objectives and more, please visit our Tree Planting page.

Tree planting in Penticton with Quastuco Silviculture.

Mission Statement

We wish to become a dominant player in the South Okanagan Silviculture Industry by providing safe high quality tree planting and silviculture services in a cost effective manner.

We wish to exceed customer expectations by providing superior services.

We will provide employees with training and knowledge to be the safest and highest quality producers in the industry.

Safety Vision

To become a leader in safety for our respective field(s). QSL targets that each employee completes their employment with our company in equal or better health than when they started.


Reforestation: Fostering Education and Innovation.

Current Job Postings

Position: Experienced Tree planter

Experience: Preferably one year

Additional Qualifications: First Aid level 1 or 3, Driver Training Courses, Quad Training Courses

Please contact us by email or complete the on-line application.