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Quastuco Silviculture Ltd. (QSL) works out of the South Okanagan; one of the nicest places in the province. Although we cannot predict the weather, it is usually dry, sunny, and warm. We have access to some of the best rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking in Canada. If you’re more interested in relaxing, our operating areas are surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers, and beaches. 

At QSL we plant a variety of land and densities throughout the season. The prepped land is primarily disc trenched and mounded at a minimum of 15c/tree. The raw ground is mandatory obstacle plant and goes for a minimum of 18c/tree. Fill planting blocks are planted at a minimum of 22c/tree. At QSL your high-quality planting is recognized by the company. Vacation and holiday pay are paid on top of any rates quoted.  

Tree planting in Kelowna, Quastuco Silviculture.

Our vision is simple, reforestation: fostering education and innovation. Our mission is to become the dominant supplier of silviculture services in the South Okanagan by providing a cost effective, safe, high-quality service that contributes to the long-term health and wellness of the forests. One of the most important statements in the organization is QSL targets that each employee completes their employment with our company in equal or better health than when they started. 

Being small provides a sense of family as the owners, Scott, Paula, and Bunky and our supervisors know all members of the crew. We have the ability to respond quickly to the needs of our staff and our clients. 

Employee happiness, productivity, and health are extremely important to QSL. As a result, many different measures are taken to ensure that each planter reaches their goals. As are contracts are long term, we stay in Penticton for the entire season. We maintain a close relationship with Total Physio to ensure that injured planters have minimal missed days and can keep working with modified/light duty. With this QSL is working on providing yoga sessions every day off to help mitigate injuries. As well we know that food is held at a high priority when planting so we provide a weekly crew meal on the company during the month of June. This allows you to relax and refuel doing the toughest weeks of the season. Last but certainly not least your motel accommodation cost is covered.  

We are looking for energetic, adventure seeking young individuals from across Canada on the lookout for a productive, fun, positive and caring culture. We want to build a relationship that lasts your entire planting career, not just a single year. We are offering positions to both new and experienced planters that we feel fit the culture and can help us support the needs of our customers. If you are interested read on for more details. 

For more information on our company, what we offer, objectives and more, please visit our Tree Planting page.  


Scott, Paula, and Bunky.  

Mission Statement

We wish to become a dominant player in the South Okanagan Silviculture Industry by providing safe high quality tree planting and silviculture services in a cost effective manner.

We wish to exceed customer expectations by providing superior services.

We will provide employees with training and knowledge to be the safest and highest quality producers in the industry.

Safety Vision

To become a leader in safety for our respective field(s). QSL targets that each employee completes their employment with our company in equal or better health than when they started.


Reforestation: Fostering Education and Innovation.

Current Job Postings

Position: Experienced Tree planter

Experience: Preferably one year

Additional Qualifications: First Aid level 1 or 3, Driver Training Courses, Quad Training Courses

Please contact us by email or complete the on-line application.