Our Approach

QUASTUCO SILVICULTURE LTD. (QSL) was established in 1991, our name stands for Quality Student Company. Our goal is to employ university students so that they can make enough money tree planting so that they do not need to rely on student loans or the bank of mom and dad. We are a family business that has grown and diversified, continuing to have family in the field in supervisory & consulting roles.

We plant approximately 3 million seedlings per year from the middle of April to the middle of July.

We have had two main clients since 1991; they are Weyerhaeuser and Gorman Bros Lumber Ltd. Over the years we have added local clients such as LSIB and Ntityix Resources.

QSL’s strategy statement is ‘Quality in every step’. Not only quality in trees planted, but also quality in every step of our operations. With this statement we can be safe, productive, and profitable. When all our systems are in place, you as the planter will meet your goals.

Our Safety Program has been recognized on a Provincial level by Weyerhaeuser Canada and a visit to our work sites confirms that our Company Safety Culture is more than just a written policy. We take pride in our work and reputation as we strive to be one of the most efficient and innovative companies on the market. QSL’s safety strategy statement is ‘Nothing you do is worth getting hurt for.’ It's a statement that we take great pride in supporting.

As a silviculture company, we boast competitive rates and are always looking for ways to provide the best service possible, meeting the unique needs of our clients and employees.

Next Steps...

Whether you are an experienced planter looking to join our organization this season or returning from our previous season, please go to our on-line application form or contact us to forward your information.