Pre-Season Training Program

Courtesy of Selkirk College

First, do the 8-week pre-season tree planting training program: Fit to Plant. It will help:

  • Increase your aerobic power so you can move fast all day
  • Planters who followed this tree planting training program planted 12.5% more trees than untrained planters!
  • Strengthen your muscles and tendons to protect against wear and tear
  • Speed up your reflexes to protect your joints
  • Planters who used this pre-season training program suffered 40% fewer injuries and illnesses than planters who did not train!
Tree planting training program with Quastuco Silviculture.

Eating right can help you plant hard today, and hard again, tomorrow. The information below, is based on sound principles of sports nutrition. You may not be running a race, but you are putting your body through the same sort of challenge — day after day.

Eating right can help you do more than survive the season. It can help you stay strong and make money. That's what you want, right?

Planters work at the phenomenal work rate of 6 hours/day spent between 60-75% of maximal heart rate, day after day, all season long. It takes a lot of energy to work that hard, females burn up about 4000 kcal/day, males consume about 5000 kcal/day.

Fit to Plant

The fitter you are the more trees you will plant and you will be prone to less injuries. This training log will give you day-by-day instructions for your work outs.

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Top 10 Tips

Once you get planting, how will you make sure you feel good and plant productively every day?

Follow the Top 10 Tips in this booklet. (Folds into a neat booklet)

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Power Eating for Power Planting

Download Power Eating for Power Planting. A manual for planters, cooks and foremen full of strategies for increasing productivity, enhancing recovery and reducing injuries. In other words — how to plant hard all season, without getting hurt.

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Desperate Planter's Last Chance Program

Many planters travel or go to school during the winter. If you've let your fitness slide or have just been hired, the Desperate Planter's Last Chance is for you. It's an emergency two week program to give you some fitness to help you survive your season.

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Desperate Planter's Wrist Maintenance Program

Tree planting is a great job that can earn you a lot of money. But to put a lot of trees in the ground you have to work your body hard. The wrist is one of the weakest joints, and every year rookies and veterans alike succumb to the dreaded wrist tendonitis. Follow the Desperate Planter's Wrist Maintenance Program. Check it out to keep your wrists injury free!

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