What we offer:


• 8.5 hr work day (on site)

• Travel times generally 60 – 75 minutes (one way)


• 100% pay bi-monthly
(first cheques to be issued May 15)

• 100% direct award contracts

• 2023 average price paid 21.5c/tree (plus vacay and holiday pay)





• 100% of supervisors have necessary first aid, S 100 and driver training

• 75% experienced crew (we hire our rookies under a plan for succession


  • Each crew vehicle is a WCB certified ETV that is rollover protected
  • Each crew vehicle has the required first aid and fire equipment tools
  • 100% of vehicles operate with “road channel” radios


• We pride ourselves on a high level of organization and minimal down time (weather fluctuations are the exception!)




What You Need to Work for Us

  • Please apply early. At least one year of experience, preferably of Interior BC planting is preferable but not mandatory. We will consider highly motivated 1st year planters.
  • First Aid is an asset but not mandatory
  • A valid class four license is an asset but not mandatory

What Are We Looking For?

  • We are looking for a strong team of energized university students looking for a fun, safe and productive season
  • The ideal planter for Quastuco will be a positive, safety minded, competitive, self-motivated individual capable of working in a pure production environment.
  • Give us a try, we won’t let you down.

Pricing Objectives

Our pricing objectives are set to match the wages of our local competitors. We pride ourselves in the ability to manage our projects in such a way that you can be more productive than our competition, as a result, making more money. At QSL we plant a variety of land and densities throughout the season. From raw ground to trenches, mounds and burns. The minimum price paid is 17c/tree and in 2023 the average price paid was 21.5c/trees. Vacation and holiday pay are paid on top of any rates quoted. 

Quality Objectives

Our quality objectives vary from client to client; one thing in common is the need to achieve higher than 92.7% on all sites. For our Weyerhaeuser client we strive to achieve between 93 and 96% for our Gorman Bros client we strive to achieve 94-96%. For the past two seasons we have incurred zero quality fines and minimal excess charges.

Safety Objectives

Quastuco Silviculture Ltd. has one goal; to have everyone start the season and make as much money as they can and end the season healthier than when they arrived. We strive for zero lost time accidents every year. QSL maintains a close relationship with Total Physio to ensure that injured planters have minimal missed days and can keep working with modified/light duty tasks. As well, we know that food is held at a high priority when planting, so we provide a weekly crew meal on the company during the month of June. This allows you to relax and refuel during the toughest weeks of the season.